Hotels and Apartments

A hotel is an establishment that provides meals, accommodation amongst other services on a short term basis. Inns in medieval Europe were an antecedent to the modern day hotels. The inns tended to the travellers' needs in terms of lodging, meals and also fodder and stabling for the travellers' horses. Gradually, inns expressed an impressive growth in grandeur and the level of services provided. Today, there are various hotels in derry that are capable of offering world class services to travellers.

Why People Go To Hotels

Hotels are known to be the perfect accommodation areas while on vacation. Additionally, many business associates prefer to hold meetings in prestigious hotel conference halls. Thus hotels are both formal and informal areas. Many travellers stay in hotels. For exmaple if somone was travelling to Londonderry, they would need to research hotels in londonderry.

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Hotel verses Apartment

Just like hotels, apartment do offer accommodation services. However, there is are slight differentiating factors. First, unlike hotels, apartments offer the freedom of own made meals aiding to the presence of a kitchenette. Hotels tend to be cheaper than apartments and more suitable for short term basis. Nevertheless, with the possibility of price negotiation for long term basis, apartments take the lead. In terms of space and privacy, apartments usually have more rooms and space as opposed to most hotel rooms. Thus apartment are considered to provide more privacy to occupants.

Benefits of Staying in a Hotel

Staying in a hotel allows one to escape from the normal mundane repetitive lifestyle thus benefiting the customer. A round the clock room service is one among the wonderful hotel services. Giving one the royalty feeling of having someone at your beck and call. Tight security reinforcement and surveillance equipment offered in hotels ensures its customers are always safe within the vicinity. Nowadays hotels offer in-room internet access to the occupants. With this privilege, one is able to communicate with people when away or work using wireless capability gadgets such as phones. Some hotels may offer luxurious services such as spas, fitness centres and swimming pools which are wonderful ways of relaxing.

Why People Stay in a Hotels

Based on preferences, some people decide to live an unconventional hotel-based life. This may be as a result of several reasons such as:

The convenience of having one monthly bill as opposed to several home charges.

Being able to move in and out of the hotel without a hassle or having to sell property.

The absence of extra compound duty like lawn mowing.

The close proximity to premium locations as well as access to finest cultural stuff.

The privilege of coming back to a freshly cleaned room, remade bed and fresh towels every day.

Having a secure environment surrounded by hotel staff and fellow guests.

The presence of a luxurious living space beyond the hotel room like the restaurant and bar.

Common Hotel Features

Top-ranking hotels seem to share several features. These common aspects may include:


The location can make or break a property ratings. The proximity to popular sites or complimentary shuttle transportation to the sites is an important aspect.

Play space

Preserving lawn space for children or providing children engaging activities is highly appreciated by parents.

Swimming pools

Indoor or outdoor swimming pools are always a hit with customers.